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Halloween is a traditional celebration that has been celebrated for a long time in the USA and, not very few years ago, we also celebrate it in Spain.
We’re not going to tell the kids in the house not to take candy on Halloween, we’ll let them enjoy the party, but we’ll consider some tricks or deals:
Tip: Choose correctly
A good choice is to encourage them to eat those candies that melt quickly and that are easily consumed, avoid the sticky ones that remain long in the mouth, stick on the teeth and are difficult to consume.
If we do not have the dental hygiene kit with us, rinse the mouth with plenty of water immediately after consuming candies, thus decreasing the time that the sugar stays in contact with the teeth.
Treatment: Establish a schedule for consumption
We are going to take advantage of this party to establish with our children a time or a certain time to consume candies, in this way we will teach them that this type of food we must consume them with moderation and of passage, when establishing a specific moment or time for their consumption, our children They will know they have a time or time to enjoy their favorite candies, so they will be less likely to think about eating them at any other time of the day.
Trick and Treat: Visiting the Dentist
Go to a review with your child before Halloween, it’s a good time to have a review.
And last trick or treat … The whole family to brush their teeth before going to sleep.


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