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Smiling has many benefits, not only for those who smile, but also for those around us.
The first Friday in October since 1999 celebrates the World Smile Day, an unofficial party that encourages people to smile and spread goodwill and joy.
The idea of celebrating a smile day is due to the commercial artist Harvey Ball, creator of the smile “Smile” so well known.

The smile is a universal gesture of satisfaction and well-being. If something makes you happy this causes you a smile, and also the other way around, just the fact of smiling will make you feel happier.

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Did you know how to smile…
⦁ Makes work from 5 to 53 muscles. This action contributes to tone the face and prevent fat accumulation and aging slows down.
⦁ It makes us more attractive. The smile is a facial expression that indicates that we are willing to talk and interact with others.

⦁ Build confidence. Smiling makes people closer and more reliable.
⦁ Es contagioso. When we see a person smiling, they activate an area of the brain that controls facial movement, generating a smile.
⦁ When we smile and laugh, we release endorphins, endorphins are responsible for making us feel happierand also help to maintain a lower level of stress.
⦁ Makes concerns and tensions disappear. Smiling and laughing lowers the heart rate, improves pain and helps to better manage some chronic and / or degenerative diseases, by strengthening the defenses.

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Whatever your state of mind, smile shows security, confidence, strength; Both sentimental and work. Studies show that a person who smiles is much more successful than one who does not.
“Sometimes our joy is the source of our smiles, but many times our smile becomes the source of our joy.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Let nothing stop you smiling, if you do not feel comfortable @ with your smile, make an appointment, ICOA will help you to recover your smile.

If you have any questions … do not hesitate to contact us!

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