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At ICOA we offer you a facelift without surgery using Threads:
– Cheek lift
– Recovery of facial oval
– Improvement of puppet lines
– Decreased wrinkles around the eyes
– Reaffirms facial contour
– Mattifies wrinkles peribucales
– Give symmetry to the face
The treatment consists of a type of skin tightening based on the implantation of micro threads in the form of a net at the subcutaneous level, guiding it with a fine needle. After placement, it is removed. The threads cause a tension effect and long-term stimulation for the formation of collagen.
No hospitalization required. The effects can be visualized at the moment, reaching its fullness at 2-3 months.
More information at:
C/ Fray Luis de León, 14 en Madrid Telf. 91 186 12 39
C/ Copenhague 6 (Európolis) en Las Rozas Telf. 91 626 60 12


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