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Supplement your aesthetic treatment with exercise

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From ICOA we always look for the best for our clients , so we try to convey the idea of a healthy life as a fundamental value. The aesthetic treatments that we offer from the clinic should be accompanied by exercise and good nutrition. There are no magic recipes, there are treatments to look better but to maintain them you have to strive.

The most recommended exercises to complement aesthetics treatment, are the aerobic character such as cycling, running or walking that generate an energy expenditure if what we want is to lose weight. To tone certain areas the best are the weights with which we will also lose fats that will become muscle. In short, any type of exercise will be complementary and beneficial for our aesthetic treatments, letting the convalescence time pass. In addition, sport generates endorphins that brings us satisfaction and well-being which helps us to feel better about ourselves. This is also noticeable in our picture.
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People usually relax after getting results with a treatment, which are usually not permanent. So we must continue to take care of our body. From ICOA we have understood this necessity and for that reason, we have allied with the gyms Virgin Active so that our customers have easy and accessible take care. 



Five Mistakes We Make While Washing Our Teeth

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1. Do not spend enough time brushing your teeth:
Dentists recommend brushing for at least two or three minutes.
2. We brush too hard:
If we use an electric toothbrush it will be easier not to do it wrong.
3. A bad choice of toothpaste:
Are often too aggressive for our enamel to even produce pain and sensitivity.
4. Do not floss (or do badly):
Cavities are most often formed on surfaces where two teeth are touched.
5. Do not use final rinse:
It is advisable to use a mouthwash without alcohol, or a fluoride to strengthen and strengthen the tooth enamel and prevent cavities.




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At ICOA we offer you a facelift without surgery using Threads:
– Cheek lift
– Recovery of facial oval
– Improvement of puppet lines
– Decreased wrinkles around the eyes
– Reaffirms facial contour
– Mattifies wrinkles peribucales
– Give symmetry to the face
The treatment consists of a type of skin tightening based on the implantation of micro threads in the form of a net at the subcutaneous level, guiding it with a fine needle. After placement, it is removed. The threads cause a tension effect and long-term stimulation for the formation of collagen.
No hospitalization required. The effects can be visualized at the moment, reaching its fullness at 2-3 months.
More information at:
C/ Fray Luis de León, 14 en Madrid Telf. 91 186 12 39
C/ Copenhague 6 (Európolis) en Las Rozas Telf. 91 626 60 12